Picture Day


Chelsea had some chocolate milk
but spilled it on her shirt.
Jackson got his jacket ripped
while rolling in the dirt.
Emily and Isabella
must have had a fight.
Alexander looks as if
he stayed awake all night.

Abigail is absent,
as are Ryan, Ross, and Ruth.
Max is in pyjamas,
and Mackenzie lost a tooth.

Brandon broke his glasses.
Sarah’s sweater doesn’t fit.
Jacob has a bloody nose,
and Zoe has a zit.

We should all be crabby,
but we’re smiling anyway.
Our mums and dads are gonna scream—
today is picture day!

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  1. 19kacper
    21.03.17 3:40 pm        Reply

    I am liking it because it has the word Chelsea in it!

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