My Mysterious Night part 3


Dear Diary, 

I was lying on the ground seeking shelter. Finally, I found this giant oak tree with an opening.  So then I went to sleep.  After, I hunted for food.  Surprisingly, I found berries.  I gobbled them up like a hungry monster.  While I was eating, I found the soldier.  I kicked his leg but he didn’t get hurt.  I looked at his face and when I did, it looked like a robot.  Suddenly, there was a door that led me into my neighbourhood.  I ran to the door, went in and went in my house.  Inside were my parents.  They were alive!  I was so happy.  Then they ran outside.  I followed.  Outside were my parents but then they exploded and turned into robots.  I ran straight to the door and ran back to the tree.  I hid there for 3 hours.  I was so scared.  Suddenly, the robots jumped at me!  Hours were running to minutes and minutes turned into seconds. What shall I do? 

To be continued…………

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