My Mysterious Night – final chapter


Dear Diary,

I was in the school park. Everything seemed normal. Suddenly my friends came up to me. They said I was daydreaming. Thank Goodness! Then their eyes turned red. They looked like nightmares dressed like a daydream. So, I ran in the school when the teachers scared me and cornered me. I was so frightened. Then a hole appeared. Then I pushed my classmates away, ran to the hole and jumped in and screamed. “AAAHHHH!!!!” After a long hole ride, I was at the dining table eating dinner. Surprisingly, someone was knocking on the door. So I opened it. No one was there. Then the lights turned off but a candle was on the table. On the table was a doll and a note that said beware. I was scared again. Then I woke up. I was in the basement. I went out and saw the soldiers dead and my parents. Then I fell in another hole. After I was in a room. It was dark. Then a candle lit up. When it did I saw the doll with a knife. It started to laugh. Then it stabbed me. Suddenly I was disappearing. From that day on I was gone. 


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